The People

The community sought incorporation from 2004-2006 to protect local identity and to prevent annexation by nearby Winston-Salem. The successful incorporation of nearby Wallburg inspired the formation of the Midway Incorporation Committee, which led the effort to make Midway a town. A petition drive in 2005 gathered the required signatures of 51 percent of the voting population within the proposed town limits. In April 2005, the city of Winston-Salem granted the incorporation committee the approval to seek incorporation with a few minor changes to the proposed town limits, a necessary step required by the North Carolina Constitution. An act of incorporation was then submitted to the North Carolina General Assembly for approval (Senate Bill S1852), which was unanimously ratified on June 29, 2006. The act passed by the General Assembly officially established the "Town of Midway", which encompasses nearly eight square miles and has a population of approximately 5,000; it also gave the newly formed municipality its governing document, known as a town charter. Midway is Davidson County's fifth and newest incorporated municipality. Norman Wilkes was the town's first (interim) mayor, and held the title until official elections in 2007, when George Byrum became the town's first elected mayor.