Planning and Zoning Documents

The Town of Midway conrtacts with Davidson County Planning and ZoningĀ for administration of the Town's Ordinances. The contact number for Davidson County Planning and Zoning is 336-242-2220.

Contains demographics of the population of Midway as well as market information.
Adopted in March 2011, the Plan provides goals and objectives in guiding future growth and land use, promoting sustainability for the Town's character and achieving economic development.
Adopted in May 2013, the Plan identifies mobility problems and proposes coordinated transportation solutions that respects the Town's unique personality while blending needs of motorists, pedestrians and emergency providers.
Planning and regulation of development. Appointment and organization of the planning and zoning board and board of adjustment.
Adopted July 2017. The Town's Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement functions are administered thru contract with the Davidson County Planning and Zoning Department. Contact the County Planning Department at (336) 242-2220 for guidance on zoning inquires.
The purpose of this ordinance is to define the appointment, organization, rules, powers and duties of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.