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The Town of Midway Budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 is hereby presented for public review for the proposed amount of $1,586,100.  This budget represents conservative measures to provide quality services that the citizens of the Town of Midway expect, without undue tax burden on our citizens. These goals represent a balance between residential quality of life and economic opportunity for the business community. This budget includes remodeling of house on land purchased for Town Hall, traffic and road improvement studies, additional street lighting and continuing additional principal payments for original sewer line.

In budget year ending June 30, 2014, the Town of Midway purchased land, the council is considering remodeling the house on land for Town Hall in the short-term and reviewing others uses for the land for additional services for Midway’s citizens. The council of the Town of Midway will continue to evaluate future goals that will enhance or improve the quality of life and economic opportunity within the Town.

The proposed tax rate remains at five cents per $100 valuation.

This budget includes General Fund Budget.

The following municipal services are offered.
Solid waste and recycling collection
Street Lights
Land use planning and zoning
Augmented public safety